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The most important starting-point for any investigation is a thorough case history and clinical examination of your pet. A sick pet is difficult to cope with at any time, but it often coincides with personal or financial worries. Therefore, a diagnostic work-up which is suitable for one circumstance may not be what another person wishes. Before embarking on tests, it is very important for us to discuss with you what your wishes are for your pet. We will always try to make clear what options are available and their approximate costs. We will make sure we give enough time for these procedures even if it puts us behind with our consulting occasionally.

We have many aids to diagnosis at the practice:

Blood Samples

- A modern IDEXX blood machine enables us to do full biochemistry, haematology and electrolytes, giving results within minutes. This is essential when dealing with sudden illness.



X-Ray Machine - Modern x-ray facilities are backed up with experienced interpretation by Jon Harper who has expertise in radiology (a certificate holder).




UltrasoundUltrasound - Useful information can be gained, often without the necessity for general anaesthetic. We often use the services of a specialist ultrasonographer to get extra information.



Endoscopy - Fibre optic technology to visualise throat or stomach.




Microscopy - For skin scrapes and smears, urine stains and blood examination.




Blood Pressure Monitoring - For the patient, not the owner!

ECG - It's not only on 'Casualty.'

Other samples sometimes need to be sent to an outside laboratory for evaluation, e.g. bacteriology, tissue samples, etc. To enable these samples to arrive fresh and to facilitate a quick turn around of results, we have a daily courier who collects Monday to Friday to take these fragile specimens straight to the laboratory.

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