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>GDPR & Our Privacy Policy

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Our guide to Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasopathy a.k.a Alabama Rot



>Guide to choosing a healthy kitten

Hints and tips for choosing a healthy new addition to your family!



>Microchipping for breeders

There seems to be a lot of confusion around the microchipping laws for breeders. hopefully our new guide will clear things up!



>Keeing safe on winter dog walks

>Winter advice for owners of rabbits and Guinea Pigs

>Winter advice for Cat Owners

Make winter happy and comfortable for all your animals



>Rabbit Haemorrhagic Diesease

>Rabbit Haemorrhagic Diesease - 2
Suzanne Millington explains the dangers of this awful diesease


>Weight Loss Challange
How to get your pet fit and healthy for a longer life


>The best gift for your pet
Why these gifts are so good and videos of them in action


>Looking after Wildlife in Winter
Heather's easy guide to looking after our little neighbours 

» Pyometra information
What is a Pyometra? How to tell if your dog has it.

» Neutering your dog
Information on why your dog should be neutered

» Neutering your cat
Information on why your cat should be neutered

» The Importance of Rabbit diets
Not all rabbit foods are the same. Know what really to feed your rabbit!

» Cat Bite Abcesses
Information on cat bite abcesses

» Arthritis
Information on Arthritis. What is arthritis, the signs, diagnosis and treatment

» 7 Signs You Shouldn't Ignore
An easy to read form on 7 signs you shouldn't ignore and the reasons why!

» New Kitten!
This sheet has information on how to look after your Kitten

» New Puppy!
This sheet has information on how to look after your Puppy

» Rabbits
This fact sheet provides a summary of how to look after your pet rabbit.

» Foods that harm animals
A list of various harmful foods to cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs


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