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Routine and non-routine surgery is carried out daily in purpose-built operating theatres. Anaesthetic regimes are modern and, more importantly, the safest available. Intravenous fluids and pre-operative blood samples, to check for hidden problems with your pet, are routinely offered and available. We are always pleased to discuss this prior to surgery.

Our experienced veterinary staff will be comfortable doing the vast majority of surgical procedures. A visiting consultant is available for complicated techniques requiring specialist input. This allows treatment of your pet in familiar surroundings even for the more complicated procedures. Sometimes we prefer specific surgery (e.g. cataract surgery) to be done by a specific specialist surgeon, and we will refer you appropriately.

Most surgical cases are handled as day cases, so your pet will be returned that eveneing. For routine cases, e.g. neutering, your pet will be discharged by a nurse who will advise you on after-care. For non-routine cases, the vet who has done the procedure will discuss the surgery and after-care in an appointment. It is vital that you understand clearly what after-care is required so that treatment plans can be successful. If there any doubts, please ask.

More serious medical or surgical cases may be hopitalised to allow more accurate monitoring, or for intravenous fluids to be administered. These will be looked after by our own vets and nurses who are familiar with each particular case.

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