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The Benefits of Vaccinations 

vaccinationsVaccines contain harmless variants of viruses and other infectious agents. In response to a vaccine, the immune system generates a defensive mechanism which protects against the diseases. We will book you a double length appointment when your puppy, kitten or rabbit comes for its first vaccination. This is to ensure that we give your new best friend a full health check, as well as a vaccination, and it also enables us to discuss any medical, dietary, or behavioural queries you may have - whether you are a first-time or experienced owner.

Regular annual vaccinations allow a yearly full health check and 'MOT', which is particularly important the older your pet becomes.

Why is it important to vaccinate my dog?

It is perfectly natural for dogs to stick their noses into everything! Unfortunately, this makes them susceptible to infectious diseases! Unless you maintain your dog in complete isolation, exposure to serious and potentially fatal infections on a daily basis is inevitable. Vaccinations will protect your dog, providing it with immunity that, with regular boosters, will last for life. We generally recommend vaccinations at 8 and 10 weeks of age with a yearly booster. Some agents are given only every other year, and while there is an allowance for some overlap protection, its effectiveness reduces with the passage of time. We will send you a reminder when your dog is due for its booster and yearly health check. 

Why is it important to vaccinate my cat?

While your cat is at home, you can control what it comes into contact with. However, most cats love to explore and when they wander they inevitably meet other cats, both domestic and feral. We have no way of knowing which contagious diseases they will be exposed to while they are out and about, and this is the single most important reason why we vaccinate cats. We recommend vaccinations at 9 and 12 weeks of age, followed by yearly booster vaccinations.  

Why is it important to vaccinate my rabbit?

Both indoor rabbits, as well as rabbits that spend time outdoors in the garden, can be at risk from two major life-threatening infectious diseases. When a rabbit encounters an infection for the first time, its immune system will try and protect it against the disease that the infection causes. However, it may become ill whilst the immune system is trying to learn how to do this. Vaccination teaches in advance how to recognise and defend against infection and disease.

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